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   Lisa is a terrific artist. She has decorated three rooms in our house and they all turned out perfect. She is good for either freestyle projects or duplicating a desired image. Highly recommended.

-George Deeb, Chicago, IL

   It was a pleasure to work with Lisa. Alexa's room looks so pretty. She says it's beautiful. I love it. I am so glad that I found Lisa and chose her to do the floral mural in my 5-year-old daughter's room.

- Linda Watkins, Dallas, TX

   Lisa took my small idea and made it come alive. She picked the perfect blue for the walls. She took my love of sailing and Hawaii and my simple tastes and made it all come to life on my walls. It was all done from a simple one-on-one interview about what I like, what I wanted for the room. She did so much more than I expected. The room was done for my son…and now my daughter shares the room and I can't tell you how many stories have been told, songs sung about my pelican, whales, turtles and lighthouses. That was over six years ago and it's held up so well. I am never tired of the feeling of warmth and fun that room brings. It's transitioned from cribs, to bunk beds, changing tables to toy chests. My son is still so proud of his room, it's still the first thing he shows people when they visit our home. Lisa is a true artist. I don't know how I could ever repay her.

- Laura Purcell Pukall, Antigo, WI

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